Unlimited calls from Peru

$15.0 / month

Share your Local Global phone number with your family and friends in Peru. Let them call you at anytime and talk as much as they want without paying international charges.


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  • Select the language and then select option 1 to sign-up for the service, or option 2 to learn more about the product. If you choose to sign-up, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone with a password.
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Peru Coverage

Prefix City Monthly fee
Area Code: 54
City: Arequipa
Price / Month: $15.00

Area Code: 74
City: Chiclayo
Price / Month: $15.00

Area Code: 43
City: Chimbote
Price / Month: $15.00

Area Code: 84
City: Cusco
Price / Month: $15.00

Area Code: 1
City: Lima
Price / Month: $15.00

Area Code: 73
City: Piura
Price / Month: $15.00

Area Code: 44
City: Trujillo
Price / Month: $15.00