FAQs (local.global)

1. What is local.global Number?

A local.global Number is a local phone number you can purchase from any one of the 37 countries available to this Product. All calls made to those phone numbers connect directly to your Mobile phone in the U.S. You can receive unlimited calls from your family and friends in those countries and they do not pay international long-distance rates.

2. What are the benefits of the local.global Number?

This product eliminates International Long Distance charges for those who call this number locally. For example, a caller in Cancun pays only local rates when dialing a Cancun local.global Number, but they will be able reach you on your Mobile phone in the US. The local.global Number is an ideal solution for keeping in touch with family, friends and business associates who are located in other countries. Simply provide them with your local.global Number, and you will be able to receive unlimited incoming calls. No special equipment or calling cards are needed. They will call you more frequently and you save by not calling them using calling cards.

3. How does the local.global Number work?

When you purchase this product by calling 1-800-XXX-XXXX and registering at local.global, you will receive a phone number in a country/city of your. Within minutes, you will be able to receive unlimited calls from family and friends on your Mobile phone when they dial your local.global Number. Note that this number is only used for receiving incoming calls from the local.global Number and not to make outbound calls.

4. Does anyone else have access to my local.global Number

This number is unique and is for your use only. local.global Number are not shared amongst users. It is like your unique number in a different city or country.

5. Is there any usage limit or restriction on a local.global Number?

No. This is an unlimited-usage product and your family and friends can call you as much as they want, any time.

6. Can I purchase a U.S. phone number with the local.global Number?

Not yet. We are working on the capability to offer an extensive U.S. coverage, including all states and hundreds of cites.

7. Can I select a specific local.global Number?

No. The numbers are provided randomly, and can only be replaced 3 times a month if customer is not happy with the number he received.

8. How can I determine if a phone number is available in a specific city or country?

You can check all available countries and cities at https://local.global/countries

9. Are additional countries or cities going to be added?

Yes. will add more countries and cities as soon as they become available. Please check https://local.global/countries for an updated coverage list.

10. How can I change the city or country of my local.global Number product?

You can cancel your existing local.global Number and purchase a new one in a different country or city local.global.

11. Can I transfer the incoming calls to other cell phones or landline in the US?

No. Incoming calls from the local.global Number is forwarded directly to your Mobile phone.

12. How much does the local.global Number cost?

Some countries will be $9.99 and others are $14.99. You can see the price during the registration process at local.global website.

13. Can I cancel the local.global Number?

Yes. You can cancel the local.global Number at any time but you will lose the Local Number in the city and country you selected. Your family and friends will no longer be able to call that number again. However, you can always purchase the local.global Number again at any time but will give you a different number and you will need to share it with your family and friends again.

14. How can I cancel or remove the local.global Number?

You can cancel or remove local.global Number at local.global website.

15. Have questions?

You can contact with us by this Link