About us

Local Global is an exciting and innovative product that allows you to purchase a local phone number in another country or U.S. city, and automatically forward calls made to that number to your mobile phone or landline in the U.S.

This product offers not only a simple and cost-effective worldwide communication service, but also has the following benefits:

Unlimited Calls - Provides unlimited international or long-distance incoming calls from other countries or U.S. cities to any Local Global user.
Family and friends - Stay in touch with your family and friends who live in another country or U.S. city. They will be able to call you at any time and as much as they want, and they will only pay for a local call.
Business use – For business owners, a Local Global phone number gives you a national or international presence, making it easy for your customers to contact you. Additionally, you could purchase many Local Global phone numbers for multiple points-of-presence, and have all of those numbers forwarded to your mobile phone or landline.
Savings - You will be able to save money by eliminating the use of calling cards and international long-distance charges.
Instant activation – Your Local Global phone number will be activated within minutes of the completion of your order. Share this number with your families and friends, and receive calls immediately.
Easy and convenient - No calling cards, no PIN numbers, no apps, no special equipment, no hassles, no contract and no limit on calls. Each Local Global phone number is unique and is not shared amongst users.
Wide Coverage - You can select a Local Global phone number in over 40 countries and hundreds of cities.

At Local Global, we are passionate about innovation, and demand excellence in everything we do. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this product, its cost-savings, ease of use, quality and all of the other benefits that it has to offer.

Thank you,
The Local Global team